Scotland launches £40m fund to drive low carbon farming

The new programme will support the agricultural sector’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Land blocked? UK ‘faces 2 million hectare shortfall’

Space to grow fruit and vegetables, crops for ‘green’ biofuel and build homes could soon be hard to find. New research led by Cambridge academics suggests the UK faces a shortfall of 2 million hectares by 2030. With the UK’s population predicted to reach 71 million, an extra 7 million hectares of land – more […]

Brazilian sugarcane firms alarmed by EU biofuel vote

A Brazilian sugarcane group has raised its alarm over EU plans to put a cap on the use of fuel-based biofuels. Yesterday MEPs on the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted for a 5.5% cap on the use of all food-based biofuels in transport by 2020. The vote was passed with 43 votes in favour, 26 […]

UK must cut ‘excess’ land use to lessen environmental impact

The UK Government must cut the nation’s excessive land usage to lessen the impact on communities and the environment around the world. The call from Friends of the Earth comes as its new report claims the UK uses more than one and a half times its land size to provide the country with products such […]

EON targets forests for windfarm sites

E.ON today revealed that it has won the exclusive right to examine two plots of land owned by the Forestry Commission Scotland for wind power projects. E.ON estimates that the areas of land, in the north and west of Scotland, have the potential to generate around 500MW, or enough renewable electricity to power over 270,000 […]