Power theft now a ‘more serious’ crime

Electricity theft will be considered a “more serious” offence under new sentencing guidelines. They include specific advice for judges and magistrates passing sentence for illegal abstraction of electricity for the first time as it presents an “obvious danger of injury to the public”. The new guidelines published by the Sentencing Council aims to provide a […]

T time for power lines

A new addition to the British landscape was unveiled yesterday, which could become as common place as hedgerows and cows. Yep, National Grid’s first new T-plyon was erected in Nottinghamshire. The first of the new style pylons which at 35 metres is a third shorter than conventional pylons, was put up at the National Grid […]

EU issues €302m in fines for power cable cartel

Investment bank Goldman Sachs and 10 cable companies have been fined a total of €302 million (£250m) by EU antitrust regulators for running a secret cartel to block competition in the market for electricity power cables. The firms shared markets and allocated customers between themselves “on an almost worldwide scale” from 1999 for almost 10 […]

UV light from power cables “puts off animals”

Humans can’t see them – but flashing UV lights may put animals off approaching high voltage power cables. Scientists believe power cables are behind the animal behaviour which has puzzled many for years. A team of researchers from London and Norway found power lines give off ultraviolet as irregular flashes at insulators (usually porcelain or […]

ScottishPower’s £5.2bn network upgrade to create 2,500 jobs

ScottishPower Energy Networks (SPEN) is seeking approval for plans to invest £5.2 billion between 2015 and 2023 in its electricity distribution network. The multi-billion pound investment will renew and maintain the cables and substations that keep the lights on for more than 3.5 million customers in Central Scotland, Merseyside and North and Mid Wales. The […]

Podcast – Caution cable guys at work…

What goes into making a power cable? ELN’s Vicky Ellis popped over the Channel to Lyon in France to visit the high tech Nexans research centre. There she discovers the lengths they go to moulding, stretching and testing cables so they can be used in energy transportation. Listen to the podcast here and feel free […]

Lifetime cost of underground power cables revealed

Overhead power cables are the cheapest form of power transmission, according to new research revealed by Energy Minister Charles Hendry in Parliament. The government-commissioned report by the Institution of Engineering and Technology looked at the cost of underground, overhead and subsea power cables over their lifetime. Overhead transmission lines cost between £2.2million and £4.2million per […]