Corporations go big on clean energy

Around 13.4GW of green energy contracts were signed by 121 corporations last year

UK firms offered PPAs for Vattenfall’s Scottish wind farm

The South Kyle Wind Farm, which was granted planning permission last year, has a grid connection for 165MW

Businesses sign record volume of clean power deals

Global corporations signed a record volume of power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy last year. That’s according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which suggests this increase was driven by larger sustainability initiatives and clean energy becoming increasingly cost-competitive with other forms of generation. A total of 5.4GW of clean energy contracts were signed […]

Increasing options, new opportunities: a fresh look at UK corporate ppas

Clean energy plays an increasing role in the modern corporate sustainability strategy, and PPAs are an effective, long-term business opportunity for corporates. Clearing Hurdles PPAs are perceived as expensive, risky or complex. Often, businesses do not have in-house expertise, time and resource to explore the opportunities and understand the value PPAs bring to the energy […]

Businesses fear reform will bring volatile power prices

Britain’s largest energy users worry a new system to deliver low carbon energy will lead to volatile electricity prices. That’s according to a new report from npower after the Government’s consultation on Electricity Market Reform (EMR) closed. Two of the biggest changes ahead are the Contracts for Difference (CfD), where generators will be paid for […]

Guest Blog: Jo Butlin – Is opportunity for energy buyers and renewable generators lost?

When opportunity knocks, so the saying goes, you’d be unwise to ignore the rap on the door. Unfortunately under one of the Government’s new electricity market schemes the opportunity to hook up energy end users directly with renewable generators could well be lost. With forward energy prices likely to continue being volatile through this decade […]

Reducing reliance on the grid: a practical guide

Energy cost management has become more complex for organisations: rising prices, regulatory uncertainty and an increasing risk of shortages means that it is now a strategic issue for business. Utilyx, supporting sponsor of Energy Live 2013, will bring together a panel of experts to explain how it is possible, by implementing the right strategy, to […]

Rise in UK businesses’ interest in renewable generation

There has been a growing level of interest among UK businesses in generating renewable energy from their own premises. That’s according to a new survey, which claims one third of businesses – or 39% – expect to introduce solar panels, wind turbines, hydropower or anaerobic digestion to their firms, compared to 32% in 2011. Almost […]