New scheme to reward farmers for environmental services and benefits

The Environmental Land Management scheme will pay for public goods including improved air, water and soil quality and climate change mitigation

Network operators commit to cut red tape for EVs and heat pumps

They have launched new reforms that will reduce paperwork to connect new installations to the grid

Government seeks to cut red tape for divers retrieving marine litter

It has launched a consultation and is inviting views until 14th December 2018

UK outlines commitments to cut energy red tape

New measures to help deliver the government’s commitment to reduce a further £10 billion of red tape have been unveiled. It follows a review which examined whether legislation and its implementation can be simplified or improved to aid compliance and reduce unnecessary burdens on business. It was run jointly by the Cabinet Office, Department for […]

Government vows to scrap red tape in energy, water

The UK Government has pledged to cut red tape in five key industry sectors including energy and water. It has launched reviews into “burdensome” red tape, which it hopes will help businesses save around £10 billion in the next five years. That includes firms in the agriculture, care homes and mineral extraction sectors. The government […]

Slashing green tape ‘can save businesses £1.5bn’

Businesses could save as much as £1.5 billion over five years – or £300 million every year – through reforms to environmental legislation, a new report reveals. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) published 336 reform proposals – including improving 428 regulations – that cover sectors including environment, water, marine and […]

Blog: Cameron cuts red tape for coal pit ponies – finally!

Scrapping is such a strong, manly word – it’s a doing man’s word, a militaristically orderly word. So no wonder it rolled off David Cameron’s tongue so smoothly on Monday morning, as he refreshed his campaign to ditch cumbersome red tape. The environmental rule book, he declared, will be slimmed down by some 80,000 pages […]

Fears red tape purge could “scale back environmental ambition”

The Prime Minister’s target of scrapping or amending more than 3,000 environmental regulations has led to fears the Government may end up “scaling back” its environmental ambition. The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) which represents hundreds of firms in the environmental technologies and services sector warned a billion-pound market was at risk. Matthew Farrow, the EIC’s […]

Cameron refreshes pledge to slash green regulations

Prime Minister David Cameron refreshed his promises to trim green regulations to make it “easier and cheaper” for businesses to meet them. In a speech to the Federation of Small Businesses’ conference in London today, he said he wanted to encourage people wanting to set up their own enterprise but who might have been “put […]

Green housing standards for new builds scrapped

The Government is planning to slash the number of housing standards councils can pick for new build properties in their area – and crucially this includes standards which demand developers build in renewable energy sources. The latest Housing Standards review issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) suggests it is “no longer appropriate for […]