Water saving at work ‘is lagging behind turning off the taps at home’

Despite nearly two-thirds of public sector workers in England and Scotland saying they have cut the amount of water they use at home, less than half are taking these practices to work

‘Global wind speeds are increasing’ say scientists

That’s the call from a new report published in the journal Nature Climate Change, which expects wind generation could increase by more than a third in the next decade as a result

Resource extraction
Global resource extraction ‘has more than tripled since 1970’

UN Environment says the annual extraction of materials grew from 27 billion tonnes to 92 billion tonnes over the period

Global resource consumption ‘to double by 2060’

The OECD expects extraction of biomass, fossil fuels, metals and non-metallic minerals to soar

Earth Overshoot Day creeps forward to earliest point ever

This day marks the date each year humanity consumes a year’s worth of Earth’s resources

Low carbon energy to boost metal mining demand

The transition to a clean energy system will boost demand for a wide variety of minerals and metals. That’s according to a new report from the World Bank, which says the continuing boom in low carbon energy technologies such as wind, solar and battery storage will require an increase in the supply of aluminum, copper, lead, lithium, manganese, […]

Scottish Government takes Crown Estate powers

Powers over Scotland’s Crown Estate have been officially given to the Scottish Government. The transfer of control over the revenue and management of the multi-million pound assets is expected to give local communities a stronger voice in how Scotland’s resources are used. Scottish Ministers now have control over thousands of hectares of rural land and approximately half […]

South East Europe has 740GW of untapped renewables

South East Europe (SEE) has a wealth of untapped renewable energy resources worth 740GW. That’s according to a new report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which says almost this entire potential capacity in countries such as Croatia, Albania and Montenegro could be cost-effectively deployed by 2030. This figure includes an estimated 532GW of wind generation and […]

Scotland seeks views on Crown Estate devolution

A consultation to decide the future of Scotland’s Crown Estate opened yesterday. The Scottish Government is seeking views on how best to manage and devolve the lands owned by the group, which includes much of the country’s foreshore and seabed. The consultation will run until 29th March. It follows calls from those who suggested the […]

We’ve used up our planet’s resources already this year!

Yesterday was a crucial date. On August 9th humanity used up all the resources of the Earth for this year, with almost five months to go! So called Earth Overshoot Day, is a date in the calendar when it’s estimated we consume the resources of the Earth. Since it started back in 2006, the day […]