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Nearly 5,600 Brits own their own wind farm

Over 5,600 members of the public and businesses in Britain have invested in the Kirk Hill Wind Farm in Scotland, allowing them to power their homes with green energy and save on electricity bills

Thousands of individuals and businesses across Britain have invested in Scotland‘s Kirk Hill Wind Farm.

With an investment totalling £13.2 million, more than 5,600 stakeholders are set to benefit from the clean energy generated by the eight-turbine site in Ayrshire.

This initiative, led by Ripple Energy, aims to make green electricity ownership accessible and affordable to all.

The wind farm, expected to power approximately 20,000 households and businesses, represents a significant contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, estimated at 29,667 tonnes annually.

Sarah Merrick, Founder of Ripple Energy, said: “It is incredible to see Scotland’s first consumer-owned wind farm come to life, knowing the difference it will make to its thousands of shareholders and Britain’s journey to net zero.”

Shirley Paterson from Glenrothes, Fife, a co-owner of Kirk Hill, said: “For more than a decade I have been on my own personal net zero journey, firstly having solar panels installed on my home in 2011 and then my family all making the switch to electric cars between 2014-2016.

“The savings on my electricity bills will be welcome. But it’s the tangible climate action that matters most, and with more projects like Kirk Hill and opportunities for people to take control of their energy, we can make a real difference for the future.”

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