Ofgem’s new rules will give small businesses ‘more confidence’

Energy regulator Ofgem’s new code of conduct for power suppliers in an effort to protect small businesses will build trust and give firms “more confidence”. That’s the view of the trade body for the energy industry, which claims suppliers support the new rules that have been introduced this week. The new standards include the need […]

ScottishPower finally ends auto-rollover energy contracts

ScottishPower has become the last of the Big Six energy suppliers to act on auto-rollover contracts for small businesses. The energy company has announced it will stop offering auto-rollover contracts to new small business customers from April next year and to existing customers later in 2014. The firm is also reducing the period for back […]

Should auto-rollover energy contracts be banned?

With businesses being locked into energy contracts as a result of automatic rollovers, usually having to face higher bills, should Ofgem ban them altogther? ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha looks at how small firms have been affected and what the energy regulator and suppliers should be doing to help.

Small US businesses to save energy with $24m fund

The US Department of Energy has awarded $10 million (£6.57m) to help small businesses implement energy efficiency improvements in a bid to save energy and cut bills. The investment will be matched by at least $14 million (£9.2m) in private sector funding and will be used for six commercial building projects. This includes schools, churches, […]

Small businesses can keep energy market competitive – Fallon

Small businesses engaging with the energy market can help keep prices competitive, according to the Business and Energy Minister Michael Fallon. Speaking at npower’s annual Energy Debate in London yesterday, the minister said: “I know from my work in the department of Business (BIS) that higher energy bills are hitting businesses hard. Competition is the […]

Guest Blog: Filippo Gaddo – small firms suffer most from seesaw energy prices

Energy prices are always a touchy issue – but nowhere more so than in small firms. Predictably changes in residential prices always carry big headlines and sometimes the impact of high prices on large businesses’ competitiveness grabs the limelight. Rarely is attention paid to how small businesses cope with rising prices – but small businesses […]

Small businesses are “complacent” about energy

Small businesses are more “complacent” than others when it comes to energy, according to new expert analysis. This is despite a huge majority of businesses (97%) claiming they already have or will strengthen their energy saving policies or plan to change to efficient lightbulbs. Nearly nine out of ten firms say they are on the […]

Rise in energy bills hit small businesses

Small businesses have been hit hard after a rise in business electricity and gas prices this year. Utility Exchange Online reports that all the Big Six energy providers have increased their gas and electricity charges this year and small businesses are struggling to get bank loans and have failed to compare prices. Conway Standing, Commercial […]