Climate change: Welsh Government announces independent review of floods

Since Storm Dennis wreaked havoc across the country in February 2020, Wales has experienced a rapid increase in the frequency of storms and flood events than any other time in recorded history

Natural disasters ‘have claimed more than 3,700 lives in the UK since 2000’

Extreme temperatures are to blame for 3,626 deaths registered in the UK, according to new research

Billion-dollar natural disasters: Natural catastrophes in 2020 ‘create global economic loss of $210bn’

A new study shows six-in-ten of the costliest natural catastrophes during 2020 occurred in the US

Climate-related disasters ‘almost doubled in the last 20 years’

China and India have the highest share of disaster-hit populations with more than 2.8 billion people affected, according to a new report

Changing climate ‘worsens Somalian locust plague’

The United Nations suggested unseasonably heavy rainfall and floods in the region were causing the locusts to stay in one place, meaning they are likely to breed again

Are extreme weather events making spiders more aggressive?

Scientists found more aggressive spiders fared better and were more likely to survive extreme weather conditions and pass on their traits to new generations

New £67.4m Ipswich tidal flood defence barrier opened

More than 1,600 homes and 400 businesses are to be protected from flood risks associated with climate change

Flooded cars on a US street
Climate change ‘could see floods and storms triple’

A new report says this could cause significant economic and social damage across Europe and North America by the end of the 21st century

Storms steal power in south east England

There are 1,649 people still without power after storms swept through central southern England last night. Customers in areas ranging from Reading, to Southampton and the Isle of Wight are waiting to be reconnected, as of noon today (15 January). Forecasters at the Met Office had predicted the “volatile” weather at the start of the week […]

Storms leave 800,000 without power in Brazil

Heavy rains and thunderstorms in Brazil left hundreds of thousands of people without power earlier this week. Sao Paulo’s power distribution company AES Eletropaulo said rainstorm with winds of more than 85 kilometre per hour and close to 8,000 lightning strikes on Monday night left around 800,000 customers without electricity. It added the storms knocked […]