Bulk of small businesses ‘not switching to cheaper water suppliers’

This is despite many viewing themselves as cost-savvy

Four million power tariff switches in 2016

Four million customers switched their electricity suppliers in 2016. This tops the past three years of switching figures, according to Energy UK. Switching in November alone rose above 400,000 as consumers made the most of the wide variety of deals on offer. Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy UK, said: “Over 40 companies across the […]

Scots trust water firms but not energy suppliers

Scottish consumers trust water companies highly but have little faith in their energy suppliers. In a Which? consumer survey, 68% of people said they trusted water companies, making it the most highly rated industry in the country. On the other hand, energy suppliers only secured the confidence of 36% of customers, meaning it was near the […]

Brits to waste £2.2bn on energy in next four months

More than half of annual household energy will be consumed in the next four months, costing consumers £2.2 billion more than it could do. As average temperatures halve from 12°C in October to 6°C in January, energy usage will double, according to First Utility, an independent supplier. This spike in energy consumption, along with its research […]

Energy consumers ‘snoozing on the best deals’

Around 13 million UK households could have saved money by switching their energy suppliers last year. However, rather than keeping an eye on tariff rates and energy usage, consumers seem to be assuming they’re on the best deal, a new survey states. According to Energy Saving Trust (EST), a large number of consumers are on […]

Ed Miliband reveals energy switch to small supplier

Ed Miliband has switched his energy supplier from E.ON to First Utility after being hit by a bill for £1,000. The Labour leader told the Mail on Sunday he switched to one of the “minnows” fighting to compete with the Big Six providers. When asked how much he expected to save with the switch, the […]

Low-cost solar power could save US consumers $20bn

Solar energy could help consumers save more than $20 billion (£13bn) in the US every year by 2050 if price reduction targets are met, according to a new study. Using a detailed computer model of West America’s electric power grid, researchers at the Berkeley University of California (UC) predicted what would happen if the US […]