Drought increases CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, say researchers

They found natural ecosystems removed around 30% less carbon from the atmosphere during the driest years

Forests storing greenhouse gases ‘crucial to tackling climate change’

UK scientists say replacing forests with crops for bioenergy power stations that capture carbon could instead increase the amount of emissions

Ponds that warm up ‘could accelerate climate change’

Rising temperatures could speed up climate change by increasing the amount of methane released by ponds and reducing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) stored in them. That’s according to new research, which saw scientists warming an array of ponds over seven years by 4-5ºC and studying the impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. They found changes after the […]

UK university develops technology for gas sensing

An UK university has developed a device that could be used for cost effective gas sensors. Scientists from the University of Exeter’s technology emits light in the infrared part of the spectrum as gases strongly absorb infrared light. This absorption can be used as a way to sensing them. However, most existing infrared gas sensors […]

Warning capacity market could boost energy bills

An academic has sounded the alarm over a new auction meant to make sure there is enough power supply for the UK by claiming it will lead to higher energy bills. The warning from Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter came on the eve of the first ever capacity auction […]

Bacteria-powered cars? Bugs make diesel on demand

Most people might associate E.coli with a bit of bad chicken – but in a few decades it could be known as a fuel. That’s because new research by Exeter University has shown the bacteria can make diesel on demand. Produced by special strains of E. coli bacteria, the fuel is almost identical to conventional […]

New wave predicting method could double marine energy

New methods for predicting wave power could double the energy from marine renewables, academics have claimed. Researchers at the University of Exeter have found a way of accurately predicting the power of waves, which they claim could help make wave technologies more efficient. The study focused on point absorbers, commonly used floating devices with parts […]

Energy Bill is “playing catch-up”

The Government is “playing catch-up” on the Energy Bill, an energy academic said today warning the Contracts for Difference (CfD) are a bad idea. Catherine Mitchell, Professor of Energy Policy at the University of Exeter was giving evidence at a hearing held by the Energy and Climate Change Committee about the electricity market reform. Prof […]