Eggshell evidence of ancient climate change

New research has shown that Earth faced extreme climate change some 300,000 years ago

Eat veggie Cornish pasties to save the planet!

University of Exeter research finds that each Cornish pasty generates around 2 kilograms of carbon

Champagne-inspired tech captures CO2 from the oceans

Scientists from Exeter have developed a technology that allows carbon dioxide to ‘bubble out’ of seawater

Bats bat-tered by wind turbines

Common pipistrelle bats are attracted to spinning turbines and can then get maimed or killed

New national circular economy research hub to be based at University of Exeter

It forms part of a £30m programme to move the UK towards a circular economy, in which waste products and materials are reused, repaired or recycled to extend their lifecycle

Global CO2 emissions ‘plunged by 7% in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic’

The decline in global emissions was the largest on record, according to a new report

‘UK’s first’ sea-going electric ferry makes a splash

The electric boat will start its journeys with passengers on board in April 2021

New £7.35m fund to support small satellite launch from Cornwall

Access to space is a vital tool for global efforts to tackle climate change

Drought increases CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, say researchers

They found natural ecosystems removed around 30% less carbon from the atmosphere during the driest years

Forests storing greenhouse gases ‘crucial to tackling climate change’

UK scientists say replacing forests with crops for bioenergy power stations that capture carbon could instead increase the amount of emissions