Webinar: Managing risk in the energy transition | How I&C can access a CapEx free battery

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What’s driving high energy prices so far in 2022?

European energy prices have seen sharp swings through this winter, surging to new highs on several occasions since October.

What’s sent energy prices soaring to unprecedented levels recently?

European energy prices have soared to unprecedented levels over the past few months, with gas and power supply concerns continually adding risk premium to the market. 

Webinar: Energising your business’ journey to decarbonisation

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Gas market volatility – EDF’s James Chaplin explains what’s affecting the UK Power Market

2021 has bought extreme price movements across commodity markets, with current power market volatility at the highest for at least 13 years.  The winter 2021 power price reached down to £42/MWh in March 2020, however recently touched a high of £118/MWh.

Saving Money & Reducing Carbon the AMR DNA Way

Six in 10 managers responsible for energy performance in buildings believe that artificial intelligence (AI) could transform the way they interpret data to improve efficiency.

Webinar: Carbon Reporting and Energy Project Development using Microsoft Office 365

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Webinar: How AI can identify energy waste – identify energy savings and demystify your energy data with AI

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

Webinar: Accelerating NET ZERO with GREEN GAS

On Tuesday 13th July 2021, AB ENERGY UK, supported by Energy Live News and future Net Zero, is organizing the “Accelerating NET ZERO with GREEN GAS” Webinar. In this occasion you will learn not only the vital role of green gases for net-zero energy systems by 2050 but also how AB Energy UK’s technologies could help your business in reducing emissions in the most cost-efficient way.

Have you taken your energy waste fingerprints?

Energy managers in industrial and commercial settings have a critical role to play in greening Britain’s economy.