ExxonMobil and IBM team up to unpack quantum computing

The international firms say quantum science could be used to develop next-generation energy and manufacturing technologies

Big Zero Report 2022

Computer chip

ExxonMobil has signed a deal with IBM to advance quantum computing in order to develop next-generation energy and manufacturing technologies.

IBM’s Q Network is made up of Fortune 500 companies, startups, academic institutions and national research labs working to explore the technology’s practical applications for science and business – ExxonMobil has now become the first energy company to join its ranks.

The organisations believe quantum computing could provide ExxonMobil with an ability to solve computationally challenging problems, including how to optimise national power grids, perform more predictive environmental modelling and discover new materials for more efficient carbon capture.

Vijay Swarup, Vice President of R&D for ExxonMobil, said: “The scale and complexity of many challenges we face in our business surpass the limits of today’s traditional computers. Quantum computing can potentially provide us with capabilities to simulate nature and chemistry that we’ve never had before.

“As we continue our own research and development efforts in the areas of energy and chemical manufacturing, our agreement with IBM will allow us to expand our knowledge base and potentially apply new solutions in computing to further advance those efforts.”

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