New gin hits the shelves – and it’s made of leftover grapes

Foxhole Spirits has launched Hyke Gin, which is made of fermented and distilled table grapes

Hyke Gin

A new gin has hit the shelves and it’s made of leftover grapes.

Foxhole Spirits has partnered with Kent-based fruit supplier Richard Hochfeld to produce its new product Hyke Gin.

The firm has agreed to buy the importer’s surplus table grape supply, which is sourced mainly from produce in Africa and South America that can’t be sold in retail outlets and is equivalent to around 1.4 million punnets.

The company then ferments and distills these fruit into a grape spirit that forms the base of Hyke, which is then  flavoured with coriander, myrrh, rooibos and juniper.

Foxhole Spirits previously released a gin made of leftover wine grapes – because it is made from table grapes, the new gin is more affordable and has a more neutral taste.

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