EU to adjust pre-pandemic baseline for aviation emissions

European officials propose the amended baseline period should refer to 2019 emission levels

The Big Zero report

European Transport Ministers have agreed to change the EU position on the global aviation offsetting mechanism CORSIA to exclude from its baseline the fall in carbon dioxide emissions due to to the coronavirus crisis.

According to the EU position as set out by the decision, the amended baseline period for the emission values used to calculate growth factors should refer to 2019 emission levels.

Oleg Butković, Croatian Minister for the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, President of the Council, said: “Adapting the baseline is crucial to maintaining a similar level of ambition for the scheme and the commitment of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) states to the CORSIA pilot phase while taking into account the extremely difficult circumstances created by the pandemic for international air traffic.”

CORSIA was agreed on by the ICAO in 2016 and its first review is scheduled for 2022.

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