‘Lockdown made nearly half of Britons re-evaluate how sustainable their lives are’

Around 42% of the British public admit they have been more aware of the amount of electricity they use in their home, according to a new survey

Big Zero Report 2022

Nearly half of Britons say the lockdown has made them re-consider how sustainable their lives are.

That’s among the findings of a recent survey by E.ON, which shows that sustainability has now become an integral of the ‘new normal’ in the UK.

Around 42% of the respondents admitted they have become more aware of the amount of electricity they use in their home.

A total of 56% of people also reported the stay-at-home period made them notice how the air has been cleaner in their local area while 55% of the British public said they had taken another look at how much household waste they create.

In addition, almost three-quarters of businesses say the pandemic drove them to re-evaluate their environmental credentials.

Michael Lewis, CEO of E.ON UK, said: “At home and in business, this pandemic has made us all consider what’s most important and it’s heartening to see across the nation we’re planning on putting sustainability at the heart of our ‘new normal.”

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