Eight-in-ten Britons are ‘concerned about climate change’

Almost 35% of the UK public are ‘very worried’ about the issue, according to a report

Big Zero Report 2022

Almost 81% of Britons are ‘very concerned about climate change‘.

That’s according to the latest BEIS Public Attitudes Tracker for June, which shows a 3% increase compared to March in the number of people who are worried about the changing global natural environment, with 35% of the UK public stating they are very worried about it.

The survey, which surveyed 4,011 adults and covers public attitudes for energy, climate change, consumer rights, artificial intelligence and workers’ rights, also shows a considerable 80% of the public supporting renewable energy, with 44% strongly supporting it.

That means a slight increase from the 79% advocating renewable energy that was reported in March.

In June 2020, 63% of the public were aware of the concept of net zero, an increase from 52% when this question was previously asked.

Although most of the public said they were aware of net zero, only 4% said they knew a lot about it. A further 12% said they knew a little, and 25% a fair amount.

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