Scotland to launch ‘first’ biomethane refuelling station for lorries

Located near Glasgow, the station will refuel up to 450 lorries a day when it opens in November

Lorries and other heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) will soon be able to fill up with greener fuel at what is claimed to be Scotland’s first renewable biomethane refuelling station.

Renewable biomethane is thought to be the lowest carbon and most cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel for HGVs – it is estimated it is up to 40% cheaper and reduces emissions by up to 85%.

Located near Glasgow, the station will be built by Bio-CNG supplier CNG Fuels, and is predicted to refuel up to 450 lorries a day when it opens in November, enabling HGVs to make low carbon deliveries.

Philip Fjeld, Chief Executive Officer of CNG Fuels, said: “Fleet operators keen to cut carbon and save money are switching to biomethane in droves, and our first station in Scotland will play a vital part in our network, allowing gas trucks to make deliveries throughout Britain.

“Biomethane can play a key role in helping the country meet its net zero targets and it is fitting that the station will open just as Glasgow hosts the UN Climate Summit.

Image: CNG Fuels

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