Wave energy puts a rig on it!

The Swedish-headquartered developer CorPower has developed what is described as the world’s largest wave energy test rig

Swedish developer CorPower has completed the construction of what is claimed to be the world’s largest wave energy test rig.

The system is designed to simulate ocean wave conditions while testing technologies before their offshore deployment.

Measuring 40 metres in length and nine metres in width, the test rig is expected to support the firm’s flagship HiWave-5 demonstration project off the coast of Portugal later this year.

CorPower Project Lead Antoine Boudoin said: “The test rig catapults us to the next phase, enabling us to perform a broad range of isolated tests, involving individual modules and equipment, before eventually testing the device as a complete integrated system in the ocean.

“Dry-rig testing is a highly effective process helping debug, improve, stabilise, fine-tune and optimise Wave Energy Converter systems before offshore operations, which are costly and weather dependent by comparison.”

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