DCC network reaches 14 million smart meters milestone

The 14th millionth smart meter was connected in County Durham, according to DCC latest report

Foxglove Energy has installed the 14th millionth smart meter in County Durham on 18th August.

Data Communications Company (DCC) which is responsible for linking smart meters in homes and businesses with suppliers, network operators and energy service companies announced the milestone for its network.

The company said almost one million meters were added in July alone

The DCC network passed the milestone of five million first-generation (SMETS1) meters connected to the network early in August.

DCC Chief Executive Officer Angus Flett said: “Today we passed the milestone of 14 million smart meters connected to the DCC system, and the network is now growing at a record pace.

“That’s being driven by consistent installation rates of new second-generation meters, plus the accelerating migration of first-generation meters, which is restoring smart functionality to millions of homes across Britain.

“The digitisation of this rollout is transforming Britain’s whole energy system – contributing hugely to the fight against climate change.”

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