Smart meters
Over two million electricity smart meters installed in record-breaking year

October witnessed the highest monthly total of the year, according to a report

Smart meters
Smart meter installations plummeted 17% year-on-year in July

East England saw the highest number of smart meter installations last month, new data suggests

Smart meters
Smart meter network hits 21 million milestone

Nearly one million smart meters were added to the network in the last two months, according to the latest data

Smart meter network clocks 10bn message milestone

Almost a million smart meters connections to DCC’s network took place in January

Smart meters
Will the smart meters become ‘obsolete’ by 2033?

A new report claims that 4G and 5G technology could make smart meters ‘dumb’

Smart meters
2021 hailed as record year for smart meter rollout

Britain’s smart meter network grew by eight million meters last year, according to DCC’s latest figures

DCC network reaches ten millionth property milestone

Nearly 16.3 million meters are currently connected to the DCC network

Smart meters
Smart meter installations dive 15% year-on-year

September saw an estimated 197,000 installations, according to a new report

Smart meters
DCC network grows over one million smart meters in August

DCC says that is the first time it has added more than one million meters to its network in a single month

DCC network reaches 14 million smart meters milestone

The 14th millionth smart meter was connected in County Durham, according to DCC latest report