Smart meter technology
One million second gen smart meters connected to Britain’s network

Up to 20 smart meters are being installed every minute of the day

Smart meter
Ofgem threatens Avro Energy with new customers ban

The supplier has failed to become a Data Communications Company user to help drive the installation of next generation SMETS2 smart meters

UK consults on interoperability of first generation smart meters

Currently, consumers may lose the smart services provided by the technology when they switch to a different supplier

Ofgem moves ahead with next day switching plans

Ofgem is moving ahead with a programme that allows people to switch energy suppliers by the end of the next working day. It is introducing a package of reforms called ‘RP2a’, which will require the Data Communications Company (DCC) to procure a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS) that will facilitate “reliable and fast switching” across […]

Smart metering update for businesses and homes

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and meet carbon targets, the UK government has committed to rolling out smart meters for businesses and homes across the country by the year 2020. A major energy infrastructure project in the UK, the Smart Metering Implementation Programme will see the replacement or upgrading of over 50 million […]

Smart meter IT system delayed until autumn

An IT project which is part of the government’s plans to roll-out smart meters across the country by 2020 has been delayed. The government has confirmed its key scheme, which consists of a communications infrastructure to link smart meters to energy suppliers, will now be ready in autumn. Data and Communications Company is responsible for the […]

Smart meter rollout suffers delay

Some elements of the smart meter rollout are being pushed back by six months, DECC has confirmed. The delay comes after the company in charge of the communications system for the technology revised its plans as “significant changes emerged in finalising the technical requirements and specifications” since it was awarded the licence 18 months ago. […]

DECC confirms contracts for smart meter rollout

DECC has confirmed the arrangements for the smart meter rollout after signing contracts and licenses to run the programme, following the announcement of preferred bidders last month. The license for the Data and Communication Company (DCC) – in charge of linking the 53 million smart meters with energy suppliers, network operators and energy service companies […]

UK’s smart meter roll-out ‘pushed back to 2015’

The start of the UK’s smart meter roll-out is being put back to 2015 with an announcement on the change possibly due tomorrow, ELN understands. The country’s six largest energy firms have been tasked by the Government to put smart meters in 53 million homes and businesses by 2019. Trials in some areas have put […]

BP sells UK fuel arm for £40.5m

British oil giant BP is selling its fuel supply arm for £40.5million, with Irish buyer DCC expected to take on the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution business from the end of September. DCC says the business, which provides industrial, commercial and domestic customers with around 87,000 tonnes of bulk and cylinder LPG a year, fits […]