‘Heat pump grants will most likely benefit the richest households’

Dr Benny Peiser, Global Warming Policy Forum Director spoke to ELN about the reported £400m scrappage scheme that will allegedly encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps

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Heat pump grants will most likely benefit the richest households.

That’s the suggestion from Dr Benny Beiser, Director of the London-based think tank Global Warming Policy Forum who spoke to ELN about the new reported government scheme that will allegedly offer grants of £7,000 to households to replace their gas boilers with low carbon heat pumps: “It’s a complete political disaster. The Boris Johnson screen advisors seem to be oblivious of the huge damage this would cause to Boris, his premiership and to the Conservative Party.

“Only very wealthy people can afford a heat pump. Nowadays, heat pumps are perhaps somewhere between £10,000 and £20,000 if you include the necessary installation and insulation. So even £7,000 would only make you know part of the overall cost.”

The reported £400 million scheme is also branded by Dr Beiser as a ‘stupid idea’ and he doubts it will go ahead.

Listen to the podcast to hear the full interview.

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