Suffolk village ditches overhead power lines to enjoy uninterrupted views

Nearly 5,000 metres of overhead lines were replaced by new underground cabling in a £600k project

Orford, a village in Suffolk now has great views of the countryside after its skyline was cleaned up by removing overhead power lines.

A £600,000 project saw more than 5,000 metres of overhead lines replaced by new underground cabling.

UK Power Networks has completed the work designed to boost the reliability of power supplies for around 1,000 people living in the area and benefit local wildlife.

The scheme is funded by a special allowance from Ofgem to improve landscapes in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Councillor Andrew Reid, Chair of the Coast and Heaths AONB Partnership, said: “The overhead wires and poles which interrupted the views enjoyed in this area are gone, removing visual clutter from such an iconic place on the Suffolk coastline.”

Trevor Phillips, Project Manager for UK Power Networks, said: “With the support of our partners, we have delivered a successful project with clear aesthetic and environmental benefits for Orford in this wonderfully scenic marshes area.

“Beyond that, we have also future-proofed the village’s power supplies by installing the latest remote technology, to ensure any power cuts can begin to be addressed even before engineers arrive.”

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