Can you hear the grid’s roar?

National Grid ESO has announced the deployment of new smart tech that will help accurately measure power system stability

Big Zero Report 2022

Britain’s system operator National Grid ESO has announced a new collaboration with the UK and Finnish grid technology company Reactive Technologies to speed up its ambition for net zero electricity by 2025.

The partnership will allow National Grid ESO in real-time for the first time ever to monitor inertia, the force generated by spinning mass that keeps the grid’s frequency stable.

The announcement follows the construction of what is described as the world’s largest continuously operating grid-scale ultracapacitor.

Mimicking the way underwater sound waves are used in sonar, the ultracapacitor is expected to send pulses of power through the grid to help ESO accurately measure power system stability.

Fintan Slye, Executive Director of National Grid ESO, said: “Our ambition to be able to operate an electricity system that can deliver periods of 100% zero carbon power by 2025 is a stretching target, but thank to cutting-edge technologies such as this we are on track to achieve a significant milestone on that zero carbon journey.

“Decarbonising our grid brings many challenges, but through collaboration and innovation we will continue to develop solutions to overcome them and bring about the sustainable energy network we urgently need.”

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