European solar PV capacity jumped 34% in 2021

2021 is touted as the best year in solar history according to a new study

Nearly 25.9GW of new solar PV capacity was connected to European grids this year, an increase of 34% compared to 19.3GW installed in 2o20.

A new study by SolarPower Europe suggests that this growth made 2021 not only another record year for solar in Europe but also the best year in history.

The authors of the research note the previous record was set in 2011 with a total installed capacity of 21.4GW.

The EU Market Outlook 2021 report suggests that Germany was Europe’s major solar market this year with 5.3GW of new installed capacity -it is followed by Spain with 3.8GW, the Netherlands with 3.3GW, Poland with 3.2GW and France with 2.5GW.

According to the SolarPower Europe’s ‘medium scenario’ modelling, the total solar fleet in Europe will continue to grow to 672GW in 2030 with the annual installation rate reaching more than 85GW.

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