Nearly 250k households ‘likely to miss out on Energy Bills Rebate scheme’

Charity says prepayment meter customers will see energy bills rise by more than £3 billion per year

An estimated 250,000 households across the UK will most likely lose the chance to join the government loan scheme as support for the rising energy bills.

The Energy Bills Rebate scheme is part of the government’s response to offset the financial pressure put on customers because of soaring energy prices and the rising cost of living.

The charity National Energy Action (NEA) suggests that this figure is based on 10% of legacy prepayment meter (PPM) customers who failed to get the previous government electricity rebate (GER) because of various reasons.

In some cases, there were technical problems with the vouchers, but some vulnerable customers may also be concerned it might be a scam, NEA said.

In addition, other vulnerable people do not open check their post or do not speak English as their first language, making it hard for them to understand what to do with the vouchers.

The NEA’s analysis predicts that the new price cap will collectively add £3 billion to PPM customers’ bills, £200 million more than households on standard direct debits.

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