Did the Treasury block an insulation boost through Energy Security Strategy?

Energy Minister Lord Callanan has admitted the Treasury has blocked further spending on energy efficiency

The Treasury has allegedly blocked the government’s further spending on energy efficiency measures that could insulate Britain’s homes against soaring energy bills.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Energy Minister Lord Callanan said: “The government’s Energy Security Strategy sets out a comprehensive package of measures to improve the UK’s energy security. We will support the deployment of onshore wind across the UK and this includes a commitment to consult this year on onshore wind partnerships in supportive local areas in England.

“We are also spending a total of £6.6 billion across the lifetime of this parliament to retrofit the nation’s buildings and the Chancellor announced the removal of VAT on energy efficiency measures.”

Asked about whether the government did not choose to expand the rollout of cheaper alternative measures to nuclear and offshore wind to help customers tackle the rising cost of living, Lord Callanan said: “It would have been good to go further but regrettably that was not possible. It would have been good to go further but the Treasury would not support it.”

Last week, the government’s climate advisors, the Climate Change Committee said it was disappointing not to see in the Energy Security Strategy more on energy efficiency and on supporting households to make changes that can cut their energy bills now.

ELN has contacted the Treasury for a response.

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