Wireless EV charging comes into reality

An energy company will charge a fleet of electric taxis wirelessly

Pathway to COP26 report

European energy company Vattenfall has launched a new trial of powering a fleet of electric taxis in Sweden without charging cables.

The pilot project will take place at two locations in Gothenburg, Sweden – the charging will start automatically when the vehicle parks over a charging pad embedded in the street.

A charging station is built to send energy through the charging pad, which is picked up by a receiver unit in the car.

The vehicle has a system that sends an authorisation to the company that summarises the payment for the charging.

The charging project follows Vattenfall’s collaboration with Volvo Cars, taxi operator Cabonline, hardware supplier Momentum Dynamics, Göteborg Energi and the development agency Business Region Gothenburg.

Susanna Hurting, Director of E-Mobility at Vattenfall, said: “To be able to test new technology in close collaboration across industries and organisations brings great value for future development and to work towards fossil-free living.”

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