Ofgem: “Scammers are using energy bill support scheme as bait”

The regulator has called on suppliers to update their websites to protect customers against these scams

Big Zero Report 2022

More and more scammers seem to take advantage of people looking for support to deal with the rising cost of living.

Ofgem has written a letter to energy companies calling for updates on their websites to inform customers about phishing.

The regulator said: “As you may know, the number of targeted scams recently is extremely high, with scammers using the energy bills support scheme (EBSS) as bait, with fake Ofgem mail and text.

“We want to make sure we are all working together to tackle this issue and ensure consumers have the best information possible if this happens to them.

“We would suggest prominently displaying a message on your website to inform customers of the existence of these scams and if they believe their details may have been compromised, for them to consider action.”

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