Leak on major oil pipeline connecting Russia to Europe

Authorities have said the cause of the incident is unknown

Poland has said it has detected a leak in one of the pipelines transferring oil from Russia to Europe.

Polish operator PERN said on Tuesday evening its automation systems recorded a leak in one of the Druzhba pipelines, nearly 70 kilometres away from Plock, a city in central Poland.

It also pointed out that this is the main route through which crude oil reaches Germany.

PERN added: “At this point, the causes of the event are not known. The remaining elements of PERN’s infrastructure, including the Pomeranian section, which transports crude oil flowing by tankers to Poland and then also to Germany, operates in the standard mode.”

The news follows an initial crime scene investigation into what caused the gas leaks on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines. 

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