Is the UK suffering from ‘wind drought’?

Experts have warned that the lack of wind in the UK this week is having a big impact on electricity generation

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Are low wind levels putting more pressure on the UK’s grid this week?

Experts have stressed that low wind speeds have pushed the UK close to an energy supply shortfall.

They fear that these days of low wind power generation may reflect what the describe as a “wind drought”.

Analysts highlight that for several days now, the UK and Western Europe have been calm in terms of the performance of wind farms.

National Grid ESO data showed that wind power was providing 3% of Britain’s electricity generation on Sunday 11th December.

A RenewableUK spokesperson told ELN: “It’s important to look at wind generation over a meaningful period of time such as a year, rather than cherry-picking individual days. All power sources, including gas and nuclear, fluctuate on a daily and weekly basis.

“The latest government figures show that renewables generated 40% of the UK’s electricity last year – and over half of that came from wind alone, as our biggest source of clean power.

“Innovative technologies like renewable hydrogen and battery storage are offering us new ways to manage our electricity system in a flexible way, as we accelerate the transition to renewables to meet the government’s target of net zero emissions as fast as possible.”

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