How can you win cash back by unplugging your devices today?

National Grid has activated its Demand Flexibility Service in a bid to reduce energy demand

Big Zero Report 2022

Customers have been asked to ‘unplug’ from their energy-intensive activities to save on their energy bills.

This is part of the second day of the live rollout of National Grid’s Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) – the scheme is only open to businesses and households with a smart meter whose supplier has already signed up.

Suppliers joining the DFS include British Gas, E.ON, Octopus Energy and EDF.

Households and businesses across the UK are expected to use various methods to cut back their energy use.

More than a million households and businesses were awarded yesterday by making sure none of their devices are charging, or pushing back meal times.

ELN understands that most customers are paid about £3 for every kilowatt hour they save.

Last night, Octopus informed its customers that they “will earn almost double the usual reward for the electricity you save compared to normal”.

It said that for one hour and 30 minutes, between 4:30pm and 6:00pm, customers could earn 3,200 ‘Octopoints’ – worth £4 – for every unit of power they save.

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