Ofgem: “Suppliers won’t be restarting forced PPM installations at the end of March”

The chief of the energy regulator has urged the industry, including Centrica’s CEO to take immediate action and not wait for reviews to conclude

The ban on new forced prepayment meter (PPM) installations will stay in place beyond April.

During a hearing before the UK parliamentary committee on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Ofgem Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Brearley confirmed that the suspension imposed on the energy companies will continue until suppliers can demonstrate they are operating in compliance with a new code of practice.

Mr Brearley said: “We are working with the industry and consumer groups on a new code of practice, and we expect that to be in place – with broad support – by the end of March.

“But I need to be clear with this committee: Our priority is making sure this industry gets its act in order.

“Therefore they will not be restarting forced installation of prepayment meters at the end of March, and only when and if they can establish they’re acting in accordance with that new code of practice.

“We are deeply concerned about this. We have investigations and compliance reviews ongoing but my message to Chris (O’Shea, Chief Executive of Centrica) and to all of the industry is you need to fix things now, you don’t need to wait for our reviews to conclude.”

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