UK grid: March sees record-breaking 83% zero-carbon electricity

In March, almost half of the UK’s electricity was generated by renewables, with wind power delivering a new record and coal accounting for just 0.5% of generation

Renewables provide almost half of the UK’s electricity in March, hitting a record-breaking peak of 83% in one day.

New data from National Grid ESO shows that gas retained its position as the primary source of fuel for electricity in March, producing 33.7% of power, with wind power following closely behind as the second-largest contributor, generating 29% of the UK’s electricity during the same period.

On 13th March, the system achieved a new record with wind power generating 67.4% of electricity.

Coal only accounted for 0.5% of generation in March, a significant reduction compared to 2018 when it made up 13.6% of the UK’s power.

The country also celebrated a new milestone of 213 consecutive hours without coal in March, up from 73 consecutive hours in February.

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