Energy customers’ satisfaction with suppliers plummets to record low levels

Contact ease has decreased to its lowest level since tracking began, according to a Citizens Advice and Ofgem survey

Energy consumers across the UK are currently at their lowest level of satisfaction ever.

The latest report from Ofgem and Citizens Advice on customers’ perceptions of the energy market suggests satisfaction levels remain low, with 66% of customers satisfied in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Furthermore, contact ease has decreased to its lowest level since tracking began, with nearly 58% of consumers finding it easy to contact their supplier.

The report also highlights that more than half of consumers are dissatisfied with complaints handling, indicating that the energy industry needs to improve its customer experience policies.

Overall, this data suggests that the energy industry needs to prioritise customer service to improve satisfaction levels and remain competitive in the market.

According to the report, there are certain groups of consumers that are significantly more likely to be dissatisfied.

The survey shows that those who have attempted to switch supplier but have been unsuccessful are among the most dissatisfied, with 28% expressing dissatisfaction.

Another group that reported high levels of dissatisfaction were those who have been through the Supplier of Last Resort process, with 20% expressing dissatisfaction.

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