NI households face higher energy bills despite price cuts

Some customers in Northern Ireland will face higher energy bills as reductions are overshadowed by the end of government support on electricity and gas at the end of this month

Energy bills for specific consumers in Northern Ireland are poised to escalate, despite energy suppliers Power NI and SSE Airtricity recently announcing price cuts.

A few days ago, Power NI unveiled a 7.1% decrease in electricity prices, while SSE Airtricity announced a 12.2% reduction in gas prices, set to take effect in July.

However, customers will not witness the anticipated reductions in their bills as the savings are negated by the conclusion of the Energy Price Guarantee and the impending termination of government support for electricity and gas by the end of this month.

Consequently, Power NI customers will encounter a 5.1% increase in their bills, while SSE Airtricity consumers will face a 10.6% hike starting in July.

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