Organisations present heat pump plan to EU Commissioner

A group of 23 organisations, representing industry, governments and NGOs have created a roadmap outlining strategies and solutions to accelerate the growth of the heat pump sector

In a remarkable display of collaboration, 23 organisations encompassing industry, governments, and NGOs have joined forces to present an ambitious roadmap aimed at accelerating the growth of the heat pump sector.

The plan, known as the ‘Heat Pump Accelerator,’ outlines key strategies and proposed solutions to overcome barriers hindering the industry’s progress.

Tomorrow, on the 6th of June, the coordinators of this initiative, the European Heat Pump Association and the European Climate Foundation, will officially hand over the Heat Pump Accelerator to EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson.

The event marks a significant milestone in the sector’s quest for increased support and recognition.

The European Commission is set to publish its first-ever heat pump action plan by the end of 2023, with the aim of achieving the REPowerEU target of installing an additional 60 million heat pumps in Europe by 2030.

As demand for heat pumps continues to rise, currently standing at approximately 20 million installations, the sector faces several bottlenecks that need to be addressed.

The Heat Pump Accelerator seeks to address these challenges by offering five overarching solutions.

Thomas Nowak, Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association, emphasised heat pumps’ pivotal role in Europe’s transition from fossil fuels towards a net zero future.

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