UK gas demand expected to decline again next winter

National Gas Transmission predicts a second consecutive winter of reduced UK natural gas demand as households lower their energy usage in response to high costs

National Gas Transmission Plc has forecasted another winter of diminishing natural gas demand in the UK as households take measures to save energy amidst persistently high costs.

Following last year’s surge in prices, consumer behaviour has shifted, leading to a 13% decrease in household gas usage during the previous winter, according to the winter review report.

In its report, National Gas Transmission highlighted the lower overall demand (excluding exports and storage injections) witnessed during the winter of 2022/23 compared to the previous year.

However, total demand was slightly higher due to elevated levels of gas exports, particularly to Europe, which doubled compared to the previous winter, reaching a record 7.6 billion cubic meters.

Despite this, the report anticipates that demand will remain subdued due to persistently high energy prices.

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