Energy boss calls for £593 financial aid for fuel poor households

Utilita Energy is calling on the government to provide targeted and direct financial assistance for struggling customers

Utilita Energy’s Chief Executive Officer has urged the government to provide targeted financial assistance for fuel poor households, citing a study that shows the need for at least £593 in additional support to cover winter energy costs.

The study analysed smart meter data from over 51,000 financially vulnerable households, highlighting the extent of the fuel poverty gap.

Additionally, the research reveals that fuel poverty affects more households in England, Wales, and Scotland than previously reported by the government and charities.

Utilita’s analysis of smart meter data unveils that households facing severe fuel poverty will require an additional £593 to cover essential heating costs, considering an anticipated £1,850 price cap starting on 1st October.

In a worst-case scenario with a price cap of £2,500, the necessary support would increase to £797, according to the report.

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