Heat pump showdown: France surges ahead, leaving UK in the cold

France outshines the UK in heat pump installations, with more than 620,000 units sold last year compared to 55,000 in the UK, according to a new report

Research findings indicate that the UK is significantly trailing behind France and other European countries when it comes to the adoption of heat pumps.

That’s according to a new report by the MCS Charitable Foundation, which estimates that last year, only 55,000 heat pumps were sold in the UK, while France boasted over 620,000 installations.

Twenty other European countries also surpassed the UK in heat pump installations.

The UK Government has set a target of 600,000 installations per year by 2028.

With the country’s current pace, it seems highly unlikely that the UK will achieve its governmental target of 600,000 heat pump installations annually by 2028, analysts from the MCS Charitable Foundation have warned.

In a recent report titled “Heat Pump Rollout in France and the UK 2023,” the MCS urges the UK government to take decisive action.

The report calls for mandatory heat pump installations in all new homes, expanding grants to facilitate heat pump installations in existing homes, introducing new loan schemes for homeowners, and launching a comprehensive nationwide awareness campaign to educate the public about the benefits of heat pumps and the incentives available.

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