Birds vs wind turbines: Who’s winning?

Utilising AI technology, a new project at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm aims to track the flight behaviour of seabirds, shedding light on bird interactions with offshore wind turbines

Vattenfall has launched a project that aims to employ artificial intelligence (AI) technology to observe the interaction between seabirds and offshore wind turbines.

The energy company has collaborated with the Norwegian AI startup Spoor to track the 3D flight paths of birds within a wind farm and in close proximity to the turbine blades.

This approach has the potential to detect potential collisions.

Four cameras have been deployed and are actively gathering data at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm, with the trial anticipated to conclude and results set to be disclosed in June 2024.

Jesper Kyed Larsen, Bioscience Expert at Vattenfall, said: “Having well understood high quality data is key to providing the evidence base we need to protect seabirds and plan the offshore wind farms of the future which are vital in the fight against climate change.”

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