Brits’ top concern with smart meters unveiled

Data privacy concerns rank as the primary worry among Brits when it comes to smart meters, according to a new survey

Data privacy concerns are the foremost worry among Brits regarding smart meters.

That’s according to a new survey by Go.Compare Energy which shed light on the primary concerns of British residents regarding smart meters.

Non-smart meter users were questioned about their reluctance to switch to these devices, and nearly 16% expressed apprehensions related to data privacy.

Simultaneously, among existing smart meter users, almost 26% indicated their discontent with the devices due to concerns about data usage and handling.

Although approximately 57% of domestic meters in the UK have been upgraded to smart meters, a substantial number of households have yet to make the transition.

According to the survey of 2,000 respondents, among those who have not embraced smart meters, 16% are anxious that such a change would result in higher charges rather than delivering savings – a perception shared by nearly 18% of current smart meter users.

Furthermore, nearly a quarter of respondents without a smart meter attributed their choice to residing in rental properties that lack these devices.

A small percentage (5%) cited unfamiliarity with the process of obtaining one, while 3% expressed concerns about the potential complexity and difficulty in using smart meters.

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