Massive river heat pump launched to warm thousands of homes

The German project utilises the Rhine’s heat to provide warmth to 3,500 households

One of Europe‘s largest river heat pumps has been officially commissioned in Mannheim, Germany.

The river heat pump operates by harnessing heat from the Rhine River, capable of generating water temperatures as high as 99°C.

It is set to play a pivotal role in the district heating supply managed by Mannheim’s energy provider, MVV.

The scale of this river heat pump is considerable, resembling the size of a house.

The new river heat pump boasts a substantial thermal capacity of 20MW and an electrical capacity of 7MW.

It is anticipated to deliver annual savings of 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and is equipped to provide heat to approximately 3,500 households.

Mayor of Mannheim Christian Specht stressed the significant role played by the river heat pump for the city and the broader region.

Mr Specht highlighted that expanding and decarbonising district heating is a crucial component of Mannheim’s ambitious plan to achieve climate neutrality.

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