Zero energy bills homes partnership announced

Octopus and Bellway will develop homes which will be equipped with green energy technology, such as air source heat pumps, home batteries and roof-mounted solar panels

Octopus Energy has joined forces with Bellway Homes to launch the initiative, “Zero Bills homes”.

These homes are designed to offer residents the opportunity to live without energy bills for a minimum of five years.

Zero Bills homes are fully equipped with air source heat pumps, home batteries and roof-mounted solar panels.

Octopus Energy’s tech platform, known as Kraken, will optimise the performance of these technologies, ensuring homeowners can enjoy substantial energy savings.

These homes are expected to save households around £1,800 annually on energy expenses compared to those on standard variable tariffs, based on current energy rates.

Bellway Homes is currently constructing three Zero Bills homes as part of its Victoria Gate development in Stafford, marking the start of its involvement in this project.

These homes are slated to enter the market in December 2023.

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