Cardiff charges ahead with first electric bus trial

It will run along Route Six, taking passengers from the civic centre via the city centre and on to Cardiff Bay

Cardiff ‘to save £750,000 with LED lighting’

Wales has installed 14,000 energy efficient LED streetlights and a smart management system in its capital city. The project in Cardiff is the 1,000th of its kind delivered by Philips Lighting and is expected to significantly reduce the city’s carbon footprint, maximise operational efficiencies and improve the safety of citizens. The system is expected to […]

Grid connection secured for Cardiff tidal lagoon

Tidal Lagoon Power has secured the grid connection for its project in Wales. It has reached an agreement with National Grid over plans to build the £8 billion project, which is expected to power every home in Wales. Located between Cardiff and Newport, it would be the first tidal lagoon power plant at full-scale. The […]

15MW energy from waste plant to be built in Wales

An energy from waste plant with a capacity of 15MW is to be built in Wales. UK-based company CoGen and US firm Lockheed Martin Energy have teamed up to install the plant in Cardiff. The British firm will be the owner and developer of the plant, which is expected to process approximately 150,000 tonnes of […]

UK energy recovery project granted £110m EU loan

A waste to energy project in the UK has been granted £110 million of support by the European Investment Bank (EIB). The 30MW Cardiff Energy Recovery Facility is said to be the largest of its kind in Wales, treating 350,000 tonnes of waste every year from local authorities and businesses. At least 95% of non-recyclable […]

Cardiff is oh so energy savvy

People from Cardiff are amongst the most energy savvy in Britain. That’s according to new research by British Gas who said over half the people surveyed in the Welsh capital, try to save on energy at home. A staggering 87%  said they would change their energy habits if it meant saving money on their bills […]

Welsh Government pledges £105m for waste project

The Welsh Government has confirmed it will be providing £4.2 million of funding annually – or £105 million in total – for a 25-year waste-to-energy project. Prosiect Gwyrdd is a waste partnership of five local authorities in Wales to treat as much household waste as possible at the waste-to-energy plant (pictured) at Trident Park in […]

£1.6m fund for ‘first’ tidal energy generator in Wales

A Welsh firm has been awarded a £1.6 million grant for the nation’s “first” full-scale tidal energy project. The cash will help Cardiff-based Tidal Energy Ltd deploy its ‘DeltaStream’ device (pictured) in Ramsey Sound, Pembrokeshire, where it will generate clean electricity over a 12-month demonstration period. The technology sits on the seabed and includes three […]

Shelved Severn Barrage back on the cards?

David Cameron has asked officials to look at the possibility of reviving plans for a hydropower project across the estuary of the Severn, Britain’s longest river. Number 10 is said to be considering the Severn Barrage project again, which was originally shelved in 2010 after potential costs of £20-30million on top of environmental concerns forced […]

Fracking could be minimum 600 metres from water aquifers

Shale gas firms should set a minimum distance of 600 metres between their fracking process and water aquifers, according to new research released today which suggests this would be both “safe” and “prudent”. Researchers from Durham, Cardiff and Norway’s University of Tromsø looked at thousands of natural and induced fractures from the US, Europe and […]