‘Nearly 30% of inefficient households’ energy bill go straight out of the window’

A charity has warned that some of the leakiest homes in the UK are losing £950 worth of the heat they pay for through the walls, windows and roof

UK’s sewage plan faces legal challenge

The government has been urged to withdraw its recently announced storm overflow discharge reduction plan

One-in-four Britons predicted to be unable to afford energy bills in October

Citizens Advice estimates that millions of people are not eligible for the government’s targeted support

Nearly 8.2m households could be in fuel poverty in October

A charity has urged the next Prime Minister to take additional measures to protect people against the “bleakest of winters”

Energy debt in Wales ‘higher than in any other part of the UK’

The number of people in energy arrears is more than double that in Scotland, according to a report

Thousands of private renters could miss out on government’s energy bill support

The risk disproportionately affects people on low incomes, young people and people of colour, a charity has warned

Rishi Sunak to donate energy bill handout to charity

The Chancellor responded to calls that rich people will be given free money although they won’t need it

Vulnerable pensioners ‘spend a fifth of their income on energy bills’

Nearly 29% of older households in England are ‘fuel-stressed’, according to new report

Ofgem to fund charities and community energy groups with £27m

The funding will support vulnerable customers and decarbonisation projects

Britons face a ‘catastrophe’ in October as bills are set to skyrocket again

The chief of National Energy Action has highlighted the need for a ‘social tariff’