New partnership to scale clean hydrogen and carbon black tech in South Korea

Monolith has developed a process technology that uses 100% renewable energy to convert natural gas into clean hydrogen and a solid carbon material called carbon black, used in the automotive and industrial sectors

Australia introduces new rules to support priority low emission technologies

The government has allocated AUD$192.5m for programmes, including reducing barriers to the use of EVs or vehicles powered by biofuels or clean hydrogen

Shell joins clean hydrogen project in Norway

The project aims to produce hydrogen from natural gas while capturing the emissions

Suncor and ATCO join forces for clean hydrogen project in Canada

They claim it could produce more than 300,000 tonnes of clean hydrogen per year, reduce Alberta’s emissions by more than two million tonnes per year and help Canada in achieving net zero by 2050

New working group to drive clean hydrogen agenda within government

The REA sees clean hydrogen, in combination with biomethane and other green gases, as crucial to decarbonise heat, power, transport and industry, playing a vital role in delivering net zero emissions in the UK