Sizewell B achieves milestone in electricity generation

The nuclear power station near Southwold has surpassed 250 terawatt-hours in electricity generation, potentially powering every home in Suffolk for 192 years

US solar breaks new records in 2023

Solar power in the US has outpaced all other energy sources and accounted for 42.1% of new domestic generating capacity in 2023, according to new data

UK fossil fuel electricity hits lowest since 1957

The UK’s electricity generated from fossil fuels in 2023 dropped by 22% year on year, reaching the lowest level since 1957 at 104 terawatt hours, according to new analysis

‘Renewables surpass 40% in UK electricity mix’

Renewable energy projects have supplied more than 40% of the UK’s electricity, marking the lowest carbon quarter on record at 143 grammes of carbon dioxide per kWh, according to a report

EV charging goes off-peak

UK Power Networks and ubitricity have partnered to optimise electric vehicle charging by reducing demand during peak usage hours

Renewable power hits new high

Renewable energy generation hit a Q3 record in Europe, driven by wind and solar power, according to a new report

Power sector emissions stagnate amid renewable growth

Global power sector emissions remained nearly steady in the first half of 2023, rising by just 0.2% compared to the previous year, as wind and solar energy continued to expand, according to a report

EU fossil generation hits rock bottom

EU’s fossil fuel power has plummeted to a historic low due to waning electricity demand, according to new research

Nation’s roar for Lionesses ignites power surge

Despite a hard-fought 1-0 loss to Spain in the Women’s World Cup final, the Lionesses generated 500MW TV pickup at halftime, according to National Grid ESO

Portsmouth Port sets sail to solar voyage

A 1.2MW solar system and a 1.3MW-hour battery, combined provide 35% of the port’s electricity