Australia’s AGL granted $14.84m for 50MW battery storage with grid forming capabilities

The project will demonstrate the ability of large-scale batteries to be equipped with grid forming inverters to improve system strength and facilitate higher injections of variable renewable energy generation at the lowest cost

‘Leaders are absent on climate change’

A new report calls on the Australian government for inaction on climate change

Iberdrola to build 145MW wind farm in Australia

It is expected to generate enough electricity to power more than 80,000 homes and avoid 330,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually

New South Wales announces $25m energy efficiency scheme

It is expected to help consumers save around $1.2bn on their energy bills between 2022 and 2040

Australia grants $16.5m for its ‘biggest’ PET plastics recycling facility

It will have the capacity to recycle the equivalent of an estimated one billion PET bottles a year

Lightsource bp granted approval for 400MW solar farm in Australia

The Wellington North solar farm will consist of 1.2m bi-facial solar panels and contribute to New South Wales’ ambition to increase its share of renewable energy to more than 60% by 2030

Aussie solar farm to power bp’s service stations

All the service stations of bp across New South Wales will be powered by the solar project

Green industrial revolution begins in Australia with AUD$750m package

Green hydrogen is among the low carbon industries that will be supported

Australia unveils plans for first lithium-ion battery gigafactory

Almost 1,700 jobs are forecast to be created during the construction and operational phases of the project

New South Wales invests AUD$10m to slash landfilling of solar and battery systems

The scheme aims to futureproof the region’s waste management against the growing stream of old renewable projects